Cybersecurity reminders


  • any site asking you to provide your Google Sign or Microsoft login credentials

  • any document with embedded links directing you to new sites - e.g. Docusign link that links to another website.  Be careful.  Go directly to the site.

  • Anything that asks you to sidestep the normal process e.g. do me this favor but don’t tell anyone. Stop. Anyone can easily impersonate

Best Practices:

  • Use MFA with any site where you’ll be storing corporate data  For Google its easy to get started with this website:

  • Use unique passwords and manage them with LastPass or similar

  • Check with IT about software, do not download unsanctioned programs from the Internet

Unsure?  Sent a screenshot or forward the message as an attachmen

Fall for a scam?  We’re here to help.  Please, let us know right away so we can assist.