Accidents happen so take a deep breath and lets see if we can fix this.  With liquid damage, the first steps you take will make or break whether the machine will work again.  If its water then these steps tend to work well, if its liquid with any sugar or cream these steps will not work as the electronics will need to be cleaned. 

Key steps
  • Turn it off  * this is the most critical part * if the machine powers on with moisture it will short and it will need to be repaired.  Almost every device can be force powered off by holding the power button for 10 seconds.
  • if possible remove the battery (in newer laptops this is hard/impossible to do)  
  • in some cases closing the lid and opening it will turn the machine on so be careful not to do that
  • clean up the spill by holding the machine in a way the water can drain out of any part of the enclosure.  Assuming you've spilled it on the keyboard, place it upside down on a chair, table or similar with a towel.  If you happen to have a milk crate this can work great as it will flow air (pictured)
  • we need an airtight container so put it in a bag and seal it with tape a container or similar with silica desiccant packets - as this will remove the moisture - we recommend the HYDROSORBENT and Eva-dry brands avail on Amazon and there are many similar brands but avoid anhydrous calcium chloride products like DampRid.  Placed in a warm but not hot location inspect the bag/container for any signs of moisture periodically
  • if any water got into the ports on the side of the machine make sure they are cleaned and dried - if after drying corrosion is present there are cleaners that will help with that
  • inspect the bag/container for any signs of moisture. Even if it seems dry * do not power it on for at least 3 days after being placed in the airtight container*
  • after at least 3 days have passed, take it out inspect for any signs of moisture if good then go ahead and power on - if it doesn't work power it off and try the drying out process for longer.  If a week if it still doesn't work its time to evaluate hardware repair options.
  • If it starts working fantastic, but sometimes liquid damage will mean the machine won't work reliably.  If any issues with the machine occurs like shutting off unexpectedly let us know as its also time to evaluate hardware repair options.  

make sense?