Attending the Poetry Teachers Institute Zoom Webinars

  • What you’ll need:

    • Zoom application installed, which if you don’t already have it or want to upgrade is available here: If you’re using a mobile or tablet device, visit your device’s app store

    • The URL, which includes the meeting ID and password. You can find the URLs in EventSquid.  
      The URL. You can find the URLs in the EventSquid Agenda. The password to join the Webinar is: PoetryInst

Since Show is often better than Tell, here is a how-to video:

  • Best practices:

    • If you haven’t used Zoom before - consider joining a test meeting here:

    • Plan to join a few minutes prior to the start of the meeting.

    • Plan to join the webinar on a device with strong, consistent internet speed.  Perhaps you have a spot where you know you can always stream video without issues? That would be an ideal place to join the Webinar.  Hardwire (connect your computer using an ethernet cord) if possible.

    • Adjust audio settings to make sure you can hear ok (consider headphones).  We recommend joining with computer audio as this tends to work better than dialing in. You can test your speaker and microphone to make sure they work (as pictured) when you first join the Webinar.  

    • If you join the Zoom webiner early you'll see the following.  This is expected. The test my speaker will open the audio settings - hit test speaker and change selections as needed

    • You will be in “Listen & View Only Mode” and will not be able to activate your webcam nor your microphone

    • In some of the webinars you’ll be able to ask questions which the panelists can then answer. Look for the Q&A button along the bottom.

    • Please visit the Zoom website and review this article for reference:

  • Need tech support?  We’re standing by via chat in the lower right corner