This process is far more confusing then it needs to be.  

Work log from 04/13/19 installing WAPs at the dock for CFL

  1. Downloaded the discovery tool onto the local PC from the Google Play Store
  2. In the discovery tool you have to click on Unifi Family in the top right to find the devices
  3. On the discovered devices set the adopt URL via the utility replacing UNIFI with the IP of the controller
  4. on the UNIFI controller web admin adopt the devices
  5. go back to the discovery tool and set the adopt URL AGAIN on the local device via the discovery tool  (it says to do this in the instructions but it is so illogical you wouldn't think to do it) - it should then show them as connected provisioning


  • If it fails to adopt perhaps its because you didn't set the discovery URL again?  Step 5 above