When it comes to recycling we have a few options of places we've partnered with

A)  World Computer Exchange (WCE) a 501c3 volunteer-run organization that collects computers and refurbishes them for shipment to classrooms in developing nations.  They accept most equipment that would be needed to set up a computer lab.  Exceptions are printers, Apple products, and computers older than the DuoCore generation of processors (Jan 2009).  They offer free prompt pickup of 10 computers and peripherals or more.  Their process includes wiping data and they provide a detailed donation receipt after we receive the equipment.  They are a truly fantastic group to work with.  



B)  http://freegeekchicago.org/donate  They accept a wider range of equipment, but in some cases will charge a nominal fee for things like printers and older devices.  They offer free pickup with at least 15+ good computers  - otherwise, the pickup fee is $150.  Equipment can be dropped off at 3411 W Diversey Ave - and if you call ahead they will assist with unloading.  Notably, scheduling can be a bit difficult as their open hours are a bit limited.  Great group that we donate time and equipment too regularly.

C)  AVA Recyling has flexible, scheduled pickups of pretty much any electronics and charge a small fee per device see more info here https://www.avarecycling.com/

D)  Many cities provide free electronics recycling but this varies and almost always is restricted to individuals, not organizations.

E)  Best Buy (and some other stores) allow you to recycle a small amount of equipment.  Essentially one cart full is about the maximum they are likely to accept.  They do not wipe data so that should be done prior to drop-off.  More info here:  bestbuy.com/site/services/recycling

F)  In relation to an onsite visit, we're happy to recycle smaller loads of equipment by using our personal vehicles.  Let us know ahead of time and we'll plan to drive and would ask that the equipment is staged in a way that makes it easy to load into a car.

If you require certified compliance with data-destruction and retention regulations we can assist.  

Notably many places including Apple have trade in programs that recycle the old tech to then sell as refurbished.  This can be a great way to help reduce the costs of computer upgrades.  

Also - its worth mentioning that we notice our customers will often hold onto equipment for many years past its last use.  This can still be recycled but is likely to be torn down for the raw materials rather than reuse.  Whenever possible donate the equipment months after it is no longer used rather than years.