Since you're on a Pixelbook/Chromebook book the remote assist software works a little differently -

  1. Install the app/extension here:
    Note:  if you receive an error of "no eligible devices to install connectwise control"
    a)  look at the top right corner and make sure you're signed into the correct account (switch as needed)
    b)  install first - then go back to 1
  2. After installation, from the launcher launch the ConnectWise Control icon to open the app
  3. You'll be prompted for the URL.  Please enter:
  4. Select Guest - Go to Your Session
  5. Click the arrow next to Start a new session  (you may need to scroll down) - enter your name as needed
  6. Consent to share your screen.  Chrome OS will ask you for permission to share your screen. Select share your entire screen and then click Share



  • This is an Android app so the Chromebook will need to be setup to allow Android apps - newer unmanaged devices support this out of the box - other cases will require changes to support that.  If you see errors of "We're sorry the requested URL was not found on the server" when going to locate the app - its likely a result that the device or user/device settings are restricting the access