Login:  xXXx

Pass:  xXXx

Unbox the computers and connect them at their respective desks (including power).  Many PCs require you to connect the power cord to turn on the machine for the first time. At that point you'll start the out-of-the-box setup:

Out-of-the-box setup (OOBE):

  1. Hi there I'm Contana...  > Hit mute (or use the lower left corner icon) to turn off the sound
  2. US > Yes
  3. Keyboard US > Yes
  4. If you don't have the network plugged in it will ask for wifi - select xXXx and type in the password xXXx
  5. Setup for an organization > Next
  6. Sign in using the Microsoft 365 user's account and password (above)
  7. If it asks to set up a pin/fingerprint - look for the skip/do later option which may require clicking on the set a pin, just don't get the to point where you are typing in a pin, you have option to hit the X in the upper corner and say skip/do later or similar
  8. Cortana > No
  9. Privacy (defaults ok) > Accept
  10. Registration Lenovo > Skip

Now we should be at the desktop

  1. In the Cortana search box next to the windows icon search for "sleep" > select Power and Sleep settings
  2. Using the dropdowns provided, select never for how long the computer waits to go into sleep mode, while plugged in. (double check its for the computer, as its easy to do it for the screen instead - the rest I leave defaults doesn't matter if the monitor turns off)
  3. Start a remote session at remote.mostconsulting.com and name the session the name of the staff member
  4. I can take it from there (Please leave the monitor settings at their default, it helps me to work remotely without the screens extended/arranged)
  5. Once I see the sessions started I'll remote in and take a look