Lets try this.

Steps to add the xxXXxx Printer

  1. Open system preferences -> Printers and Scanners (pictured)
  2. Click on the + button (pictured)
  3. Select IP tab across the top (circled) and enter the address into the Address field and change the name field to something like US-Laser-1 (pictured as printer name here) and the Use selection should automatically update to show the printer model.


  4. Click Add at the bottom right
  5. Adjust the tray settings as desired, the defaults should work well  and hit OK
  6. The printer is now ready to be used

If you still need help no problem, let us know and we can do a remote assist to help.  It usually takes about 15 mins and can be scheduled here:  https://calendly.com/adamlavelle/remote


Adam Lavelle