I don't think we have any spare AC/DC adapters so we'll want to make sure we get one that matches in the ways below as the wrong adapter may work temporarily but can cause problems long term.  Often the easiest option is to match off the part number of the AC/DC power supply that has failed, which if not available we can check the product specifications as they will generally indicate the power requirements.

The one you linked on Amazon is:

  1. Power -  Output Voltage (which is nearly always displayed on the ad/dc brick):  12v 1 Amp  (generally too much is okay, but don't go multiples higher) 
  2. Polarity - positive or negative (which is commonly displayed on the ac/dc brick and if you screw this up you run the risk of frying the electronics)  


  3. Barrel plug fit - Connector (which you usually need to measure, or match part number of specs): 5.5mm Outer Diameter -  2.1mm Inner Diameter and 10mm Long - if it has an internal pin you'll need to match that

Its worth mentioning that in my experience its buyer beware buying AC/DC adapters on Amazon - hopefully you can find one with a UL listing, good reviews (100+ >4), and 1 year + warranty which can require a bit of searching or you'll end up replacing it again.  

Let me know


Adam Lavelle