Key Points:

  • The process will always consist of the following basic steps:  Identifying the cause of the issue, resolving, testing and documenting work within the ticket.

  • Unlimited:  Submit as many tickets as you wish
  • Service Level Guarantee:  We'll respond to urgent issues (An issue that impacts all users and no workaround is available) within 1 hour.  Non-urgent issues we'll respond within 24 hours.  More info here
  • Fair use:  Up to 30 mins of remote service per day and the technology must be supported by the original manufacturer
  • Works exceptionally well when combined with our endpoint and network monitoring products as tickets are created automatically in the event of an issue


  1. Client:  Email or visit to create a ticket. The more detailed information provided the better we can assist.  Urgent issues (impacting more than one user) must be created via the so the priority can be stated as part of the request.
  2. MOST:  Our certified experts will review the ticket and typically respond via email.  In cases where it is necessary to log into the client device to observe the issue, we will send an online calendar link requesting that you schedule a remote assist appointment. At the scheduled time we will use our support tool to connect to your machines remotely over any internet connection.  Requests are typically handled first come first serve, but problems impacting more than one user are given priority.


  • Troubleshooting/resolving problems (e.g., error messages, pop-ups, system application crashes)
  • Troubleshooting hardware (hardware issues, browser support, system conflicts, security support, drivers)
  • Troubleshooting software problems (installation, program launch, settings changes)
  • Configuration changes such as Move, Add, Change of accounts, licenses...
  • Operating hours:  M-F 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM (unless the after-hours service add-on is purchased which is available at an extra cost) and excluding holidays


  • Anything that can't be done remotely is excluded
  • Working on something that isn't a problem, broken and in need of technical support is excluded
  • Project and maintenance work is excluded
  • Support for any technology not supported by the original manufacturer is excluded
  • Training and usage assistance is excluded
  • Support that could potentially or would invalidate the manufacturer warranties, is illegal. or is unlicensed is excluded
  • Calling for immediate remote support (unless that service add-on is purchased which is available at an extra cost)
  • If the ticket can't be finished in 30 minutes or less limited support may apply
  • Advanced software problems specific to the usage (e.g. when rendering a project with Adobe Pr there are strange colors on some frames - support for such problems require a product expert and are often best handled directly by the manufacturer so we'll assist in helping connect you otherwise limited support may apply)
  • Operating system upgrades limited support may apply
  • Printers, limited support may apply

Minimum System Requirements

  • macOS (10.13 and later), the current version of iOS, Windows 8, Windows 10 or later, and the current version of ChromeOS.  At the time when Apple, Microsoft or Google end support limited support may apply.
  • A high-speed internet connection


  • Q:  I need help with xyz, is that covered?
    e.g. Help add email account to my macOS running the current version = YES
    e.g. Help add email account to my macOS running 10.6 = NO (Apple doesn't support macOS 10.6)
    e.g. Help install a new server = NO something that can't be started and finished in 30 minutes or less, limited support will apply

  • Q.  How do I know if there is manufacturer support.
    A.  Nearly every manufacturer publishes a list of what is supported via their website.