There isn't a specific policy for deleting/disabling accounts.  As soon as possible please consider:

If you want to export any of your data so you can take a copy with you, you can use Google Takeout at

Here is some help related to using Google Takeout:

This works incredibly well for downloading a copy of drive - it's a simple two-step process

  1. backup the data with takeout
  2. you can then upload it to your personal account

If you're looking to get a copy of your email:

Google Takeout will provide a backup, but its format doesn't make it easy to load it back into Gmail and the method in part depends on what computer you are using.  This general search provides several different options:

One alternative to using the email backup is to download all Gmail messages to another mail client, such as Microsoft® Outlook® or Mozilla® Thunderbird® and then copy them into your account

Additionally, several 3rd party programs do a great job of duplicating your account to a like if that is of interest.  


Adam Lavelle