We're here to help - and sometimes show is better then tell, so please feel free to call us at 773-506-2100 for any assistance and we can remotely connect to your computer to assist. 

Key Points

CardDAV (Contacts) or Add a CalDAV (Calendar) account 

Server:  zmail.macworkshops.com

Adding https://zmail.macworkshops.com Calendar & Contacts to your Mac OS X Address Book/Contacts iCal/Calendar 

  1. From your Apple Menu choose System Preferences

  2. Select Internet Accounts

  3. Click on the + button (lower left corner)

  4. Add a CardDAV (Contacts) or Add a CalDAV (Calendar) account 

  5. Enter your email address and password

  6. Manual Server Settings
    User Name:  Full email address
    Server Address:  zmail.macworkshops.com